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flatbed tarps

Shipping heavy machinery or large quantities of building materials is not easy. That’s why companies that produce them don’t typically handle the flatbed truck logistics themselves, but hire a shipping company with a flatbed truck fleet to handle them. Nevertheless, here are some factors that you should be aware of so you can understand your […]

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For companies that ship big items like machinery and building materials, it’s a headache to handle the shipping and logistics involved in the delivery of their products. Instead, they rely on flatbed freight shipping companies that offer flatbed trucks. Shipping is not just a matter of picking up the phone and requesting a shipping quote. […]

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Loads on flatbed trucks have to be fastened to the flatbed for safe transportation. However, in many cases, it’s also helpful to use a tarp. Flatbed tarps protect the load from the weather and provide increased fastening power and a tighter hold on the cargo. Not all loads need flatbed tarps, but if your load […]

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