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When more than one mode of transportation is used, it’s called intermodal. In the freight shipping business, intermodal generally refers to the combination of rail and truck service.  Truck and rail improves efficiency by offering more equipment options, lower prices and increased energy conservation.  Intermodal offers a lower cost per mile than truck shipments for moves of over 500 miles. Our door-to-door service combines rail and trucks, in multiple container options, including 53’, 48’, 40’, 20’, and even double stacking.

Reliable Experience

The Nationwide team manages thousands of intermodal shipments every month.  Let our team of pros eliminate unplanned costs and demonstrate how we can help you save money and maintain improved control over your freight. Rely on our experienced logistics team to convert your shipments between truck and rail, saving you time and money.  Take advantage of our automated shipment tracking platform to track your shipment status along the way.

Intermodal is Green

When most people think logistics and transportation, they think trucks. While many loads are shipped by truck, the most shipments by tonnage are shipped by rail.  It’s easy to feel good about rail shipping, because rail shipping is easier on the environment. In fact, in a study done by the EPA, intermodal transportation was found to cut fuel use and greenhouse gas emission by 65% over 1000 miles, when compared to over-the-road miles.

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